18" Mother Tesla Gong

18" Mother Tesla Gong
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Where once was good growing with arms outstretched to the Divine Sun, evil has now spread its seeds, its vines and weeds choke that which would sustain us. - Head Mallethead

Yes, this gong comes with a gong mallet

American Gong-thic

Rather than a pitchfork they hold a great 18" Mother Tesla Gong.
Tilling our sonic soil with a deep toned yet easy to carry, not too loud gong. That is the 18" Mother Tesla, designed specifically for Gongs Unlimited.

It can provide a deep tone without a splash/crash.
It can get a laser like high note sometimes.
It can be a meditative healer.

It used to be that people farmed. Now, corporations are in charge of a lot of farming, things like Monsanto.
(For the record, the Malletheads do not believe that Corporations are People. No matter what the US Supreme Court spewed.)

For what can a farmer do when Monsanto drops the whiskers of DNA into the soil and wind, then demands he or she pay them because it was found on their land, thanks to a neighbor's use, even if the farmer didn't buy their seeds?!
It happens a lot, when you "patent" DNA.

But DNA?! Did God, or the beings that helped seed our planet ask for payment from the farmer?
Or even did they ask Monsanto? Who is just using what was already created.
No. They did not.

It's one thing to help create more food, with genetic engineering.
Is not the nectarine, the genetic splice of plum and peach?
It's another thing to put farmers out of business, and buy off legislators.

It's all so confusing, which is why a lot of people who might have farmed now sell and play gongs.

If Grant Wood were alive today, he would've painted the Two Malletheads in the photo above and called it American Gongthic.


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