22" Wind Gong on Pat Chang Gong Stand

22" Wind Gong on Pat Chang Gong Stand
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Gong Stand Measurements:
Gong Stand
43.5" wide at TOP
47" high
12" deep at FEET

The 22" Wind Gong is a great gong for your home or business. It works well here on Earth, or in near Zero Gravity situations. We took one on our last trip to NGC 4242 and it was remarkable in its resonance and beauty.

There is nothing like banging an 22" Wind Gong as you travel through hyperspace.... or in your living room!

This size wind gong starts with a nice deep tone, and it can easily extended into a splash or crash, like a meaty vertical cymbal. Our recordings do not do justice to the sound of an 22" Wind Gong live here on Earth. We only have a laptop computer where the mic can't handle all the subtlety, but these recordings can give you a good flavor.

And what about this gorgeous GONG STAND made of OAK, yes, that incredible Wood Gong Stand that this gong is hanging from?

It is the Pat Chang Gong Stand!
And just who is Pat Chang?
Pronounced "patchang."

Well Pat Chang is an ethereal Chinese Ancestor Being whom we found roaming the rolling hills of Nebraska, thinking he was in Hawaii, chasing after his 15th generation descendants from the Hunan Province who unbeknownst to him, had gone to work on the US intercontinental railroad from San Francisco to Honolulu, over a hundred years ago, but had mysteriously drowned while working on it.

Pat Chang thought they had stopped honoring him because their gong stand had broken, and so he had prepared for them the plans for a perfect gong stand. A gong stand aligned with the Tao, the unknowable flow, the thing that is all ten thousand things, and that once they had this genius gong stand then they and he, could go back to being in harmony with the universe.

When we explained to Pat, that alas, there was no railway from SF to Honolulu, and that his descendants had drowned, and thus stopped descending, he accepted it sadly, for that was the way the Tao was. So then he showed us the plans for this gong stand. Wished us luck and went to commiserate with other ancestors. And so we took power of Heaven and combined it with the gift of Earth and bring you Pat Chang's mighty and beautiful gong stand!

The Pat Chang Gong Stand
is made of high quality oak
and stained with high quality stain
and lacquered with high quality lacquer.