28" Dark Star Gong

28" Dark Star Gong
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This gong comes with a large Chinese Gong Mallet.

The Dark Star gong, made only for Gongs Unlimited, is a heavy beast of a gong. It is heavier than a Chau Gong, or other similar gongs of its size.

And with this much bronze, you also hear deep deep tones. The Dark Star Gong is the subwoofer of gongs. It is profundity as its nature. It doesn't strive for it.

While the thickness of metal keeps the Dark Star Gong deep in tone, the lathing of the bronze in the center, brings out an interesting musicality and flow.

In this way the Dark Star differs from the Mother Tesla gong, which stays moody and crepuscular. The Dark Star is a gong that gives you an adventure in space.

And space time.

Take a ride with it.