18" Dark Star Gong

18" Dark Star Gong
Item# gu-18dark
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Gongs Unlimited Price: $139.00
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Yes, this gong comes with a gong mallet.
No need to worry about that.

The dark star can handle both. Dark and Light.

If you can handle both, you will love this gong. The dark star has deep brightness and heat and is filled with energy that can't be seen with our eyes, it lives in dark, but radar and infrared and other levels can feel it and show its light.

And that is what the Dark Star Gong is, it pulsates on levels you don't always see, but you can feel. How you react to the unseen light, versus the unseen darkness, is a good sign of how much you trust, versus how much you fear.

This is a great gong that gives you a lot of sonic flavors and overtones for its size. It is a gong that has power in its metal.

The Hoodie It can be mysterious, like a Jedi.

It can cover a nun's head

It can make a canine look uber-cool.

But it always makes whoever wears it look like a dark star.


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