16" Wind Gong on The Eternal Present Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

16" Wind Gong on The Eternal Present Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with the gong, gong stand and gong mallet.
It is a combo.

Click on picture above to see this gorgeous gong a little better!

Gong Diameter: 16"
Gong Stand Measurements:
25" Length
24" Height
5" Width

The 16 inch Wind Gong is a small musical marvel.
Shiny, splashy, with a bit of a zest and crash, it is a gong that awakens the passion in passionfruit. Before hearing this gong, it is sleepy don't wake me up-fruit, or I am reading status updates on Facebook and not in the mood-fruit.

Yes, the 16 inch Wind Gong is a celebratory piece of bronze, that opens things up for cheers after you close the deal.
It is a hale Gong for when you want to hail a cab, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and it is subtle gong when you want a light tapping of bronze, just to chill after a solemn or Solomonic event, versus a spanking.

It does a lot for its size. YEP!

This gong hangs on The Eternal Present Gong Stand.
This stand is made of a hard wood called Rosewood, and is designed and constructed in the mellow part of Pakistan, by mellow Pakistanis, yes silly media watcher, there are millions of Pakistanis and many are people just like you, just trying to make a living, and not get caught up in the politics, religion, or cricket matches that drive many of their countrymen crazy. They are a peaceful bunch of Pakistanis who like to make gong stands.

So why is this called The Eternal Present Gong Stand?

Because we all need to remember the present time that we are always in, physically, even when your mind may be taking you back to the past, or forward into the future, or somewhere else, same time, but different place. Be Here Now, a fellow re-named Ram Dass once proclaimed to recovering hippies. (Pee Here Now, was what his dog barked to his fellow canine searchers.)

The gong brings you back here, to now, to reading this, or whatever you are doing when you ring it.

Now friends, remember, The Eternal Present is not Eternity, or the Timelessness that you move back into once your time here is done. It is just you paying attention to what you have to do right now. And it is always here, in this illusion of time, for everyone.

Yeah! The Eternal Present is a gift, and life any gift, you need to enjoy it and give thanks for it.

Peas throughout Thyme.... love the Malletheads.