16" Chocolate Drop Gong

16" Chocolate Drop Gong
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Yes, this Chinese gong comes with a gong mallet.

Above,the Young Mallethead dreams of a spicy and flavorful Mexican hot chocolate that might be in his stomach in the winter months. Until then, he wears the 16 inch Chocolate Drop Gong as a talisman, calling this magical Mayan beverage to him. Magnetism for the future.

The 16 inch Chocolate Drop is a feisty, medium sized gong.

It's sound has depth, but some brightness and sparkle.
The depth comes from the rim and inner circle of "chocolate" - which is really where the gong was not lathed. The bright parts are where they lathe the gong, like a cymbal and take off the dark parts.

The sparkle comes from the shiny part of the gong, for as it looks bright, it also sounds bright.

We like to think of the chocolate in this medium chocolate drop gong as Mexican Chocolate, which is spicier and more flavorful than a random Hershey Bar.

The ingredients in Mexican Chocolate in this manner:
It is made with roasted then ground cacao nibs. Nice.
Sugar and cinnamon. Sweet
Then nutmeg and allspice can be added. Oooh!
And perhaps some nuts and chilies too? Muy Bien!


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