15" Wuhan Chau Gong

15" Wuhan Chau Gong
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Yes, each gong comes with a mallet.

Wuhan is the name of the city in China where gongs have been made for over 1000 years. An industrial city now, back in the day they were not afraid to melt copper and tin and forge bronze to make resonant musical instruments for the joy and pleasure of the elite and peasants both.

At this size the Chau Gong has nice depth of tone, and can get loud. Celebrate at the small office, mix it into your sound healing practice, let the children play it instead of a video game

The Wuhan Chau Gong is a bold gong, a proud gong, the kind of gong that makes its presence known.

In Ancient China, you know, before the Yao Ming Dynasty -- Chau Gongs were used to announce royalty and bureaucrats.

The number of times a Chau Gong was struck indicated the individual's status. This way, if two very important people crossed paths unexpectedly, they would know which of them should bow down before the other. (Imagine what Washington DC or Hollywood would sound like if we still used Chau Gongs in this manner. So much banging you couldn't hear yourself think.)

The bulls-eye design on the Wuhan Chau Gong is not painted on. It's a coating of iron oxide that forms when the Chau Gong is being made. The rest of the gong is polished to remove it.