14" Subatomic Gong on Au Courant Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

14" Subatomic Gong on Au Courant Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This includes the gong, gong stand, and a gong mallet.

Gong Diameter: 14"
Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 20"
Width: 14"
Depth: 4"
Inside Width Space: 17.5"
Space from Hanging Hooks to Base: 16”


In the dream we both shared, the dream of a perfect music in an imperfect world, a dream where people were nude, not naked, there was a gong that made the miniature elephants rise on their hind legs and dance, while trumpeting out the names of angels that could be understood in any language.

In this evanescent mental illusion that we both knew as true, and false, we walked about the soft velvety leaves as they fell from the memory trees in the forgiveness forest. In our shared dream, we brushed against the bushes that whispered the names of those who were about to do anonymous good deeds somewhere on the planet.

And somewhere a gong was struck that was both smaller than electrons and larger than the belly of an infinitely expanding Bodhisattva. So we heard and felt it in our future, though it had been struck in our past.

It was the electromagnetic wandering that led us here, to this gong, and I knew you would see it, and seize upon it, and purchase it.

And then you would strike this gong, and walk further in the dream, never lost again.

This Gong I Dreamed

I Dreamed this Gong with You

We Dreamed this Gong