14" Dark Star Gong on Au Courant Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

14" Dark Star Gong on Au Courant Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This comes with gong, gong stand and gong mallet!

Gong Diameter: 14"
Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 20"
Width: 14"
Depth: 4"
Inside Width Space: 17.5"
Space from Hanging Hooks to Base: 16


Dark Stars vs. Black Holes
(A Study in Contrasts)

For the purposes of this study, we will focus on the 14" Dark Star gong on the Au Courant stand and the only galactic item that is equivalent - black holes.

Contrast #1: Entertainment Value

The 14" Dark Star gong produces a dark, clean tone, as might be expected from its name, but it is a tone with a prominent top note of fun. Sweet, sweet fun. Good clean fun. Great for the next time you and your friends are celebrating with a night of constellation gazing and grooving to the celestial music of the spheres. Naked as the day you were created out of star dust.

WHILST.... Black Holes, even ones created by family-friendly Walter Disney, often feature terrifying spectacles as robots fighting to the death in horrific hellscapes while cowering humans flee for their lives.

Contrast #2: Pulsation and Attraction

The 14" Dark Star gong, when combined with the stylish Au Courant stand, is perfectly positioned for issuing waves of peaceful gong energy, good vibes and anti-paranoia energy out to be dispersed amongst the cosmos, classroom, or Honda Element or similar neo-hip space moving vehicle.

WHILST... Black holes are bottomless pits of gravitational pull, yanking the universe's chain, the garbage disposals of galaxies... pulling in, through the power of absolute attaction any-and-all matter and light foolish enough to find itself in the vicinity. Black holes are inescapable prisons, against which even Steve McQueen on a motorbike doesn't stand a chance.

CONTRAST #3: Pure Aesthetics

The 14" Dark Star gong features a shimmering center pool of light surrounded by the evidence of a creator's hand at work on the darker outer ring. When encompassed by the shining black halo of the Au Courant stand, the whole package exists in a stable form that is pleasing to the eye and the ear and heart.

WHILST... Well, when viewed from the distance afforded us, black holes have a certain ominous beauty, there's no denying that.

Other than CONTRAST #3, which we'll consider a draw, this concentric study ably demonstrates that the choice is clear: the 14" Dark Star on an Au Courant wins out over black holes in nearly every way.

Wouldn't you rather have a 14" Dark Star gong on an Au Courant Gong Stand sitting on your mantle instead of a Black Hole? The Dark Star is much easier to dust and has the added benefit of not sending all of existence and your friends to obliteration in the gaping maw of a crushing abyss.

Get your 14" Dark Star Gong on Au Courant Gong Stand today before the absolute collapse of space and time! While there's still opportunity, send the sound of your new gong reverberating out through the ever-expanding omniverse.