14" Chau Gong on Au Courant Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

14" Chau Gong on Au Courant Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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YES! This comes with gong, stand and mallet!

Gong Diameter: 14"
Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 20"
Width: 14"
Depth: 4"
Inside Width Space: 17.5"
Space from Hanging Hooks to Base: 16


Circles within circles, worlds within worlds,
the 'O' (or 'Au' en francais) has a long and storied history.
In fact, (en anglais), you can't spell 'story' without 'o' or 'history' without 'story'
and so it goes, an ever-widening gyre
in which the 'o' establishes its born-to-glory provenance
as the crown jewel of vowels and all that they encompass.

In the world of gongs, nowhere is this whirlpool of symmetry more solidly embodied than in the 14" Chau on the Au Courant stand.

As you can see above in the phot-O, the fabled 'o' begins in the center of the gong, much as a "bull's-" (or for o's purposes "cow's-") eye and expands outward, as ripples in a pond, culminating in the Au Courant Stand itself,
a sort of punctuation, open to interpretation.

The 14" Chau is a Chinese Gong which provides the classic gong sound, you may hear in your head before you hear this actual gong,
causing the player of the gong to utter such outbursts as, "O my!", "O yes!" or
"O goodness! An oscillating ostrich ousted the only orange Orinoco ocelot!"
(Note: personal outbursts may vary according to user and geographic location.)

As further proof could be required,
we may next turn to mathematics- (the very epitome of modern truth)
more specifically the sign for infinity ( ∞ ).

Upon close examination we can see, by folding the infinity sign on its nexus,
the front to the back, the left to the right, the double 'o',
inexorably bound, becomes a single 'o', one atop the other.
A single 'o', doubled in power, reverberating through the omniverse.

So, from the skies overhead (home of the owl)-

Owen Orion
(Gongs Unlimited's
Resident Alphabet Theorist)