14" Chau Gong

14" Chau Gong
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YES, THIS GONG COMES WITH A MALLET. It is just the gong and mallet. If you want a stand, please look at that other section that has Chinese Gongs with Stands. Thanks!

Some gongs fall in and out of fashion. It happens.
One Empress' "must-have" is the next Empress' "must-toss!"

But there are certain things, like a black dress, or a mohair lobster bib that are timeless (!) and go in any one's collection throughout the ages.

And when it comes to gongs, that gong is the Chau Gong. The classic bullseye, bringing both depth of tone and crash of metal, it goes good in any season, in almost any occasion, and looks good on almost everyone.

While espadrilles may come and go, and bold colors fade away in memories of fashion shows past, there is never a time where you can go wrong with a Chau Gong.

Just ask these lovely Chinese starlets at Fashion week in France what they think. Underneath all that make-up and fabric, they are know when they go home, it will be time to kick back and just put on a nice comfy Chau Gong!


Although we don't know how long the PANDA LOOK, see below, will last.


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