12" White Gong on The Small Eternal Present Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

12" White Gong on The Small Eternal Present Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this comes with the gong, the gong stand and the gong mallet. Thanks!

Gong- 12 inches diameter
The Small Eternal Present Gong Stand Measurements:
19" Tall
19.5" Wide
5" Deep

The White Gong at 12 inches has a sweet dulcet depth when played gently, and then a bright sparkly splash when struck a bit harder.

It is a gong that can be used for meditation, or to end meditation.

A gong to celebrate, inaugurate, or calibrate one's thoughts.

It is a perfect complement to the tones of your day, and a smooth transition as you head to rest.


The Eternal Present is a verbal paradox that reminds you not to remain in the past, for that is done, or to fly into the future trying to control it for how you think it should happen... for otherwise you have an empty shell of a body, which has things done to it, or is run by spirits that are not you.

Get yourself into the Eternal Present, the Ever Now, and enjoy the moment, the moment, the moment. The past can be forgiven, the future not worried about, if you are in the present.

Perception of Time is an illusion, we recall, we think, from when we heard it told to us.

So if time is an illusion, even if you are late for a meeting, or waiting on a plane, or hoping that you get that replacement kidney that you need in the next few days... then the only thing left is to Be Here Now in the Eternal Present.

And if you go further into that metaphor... the Eternal Present is an illusion and all that is left to do is be in deeper and deeper communication with God. Where it is timeless.

And you can enjoy this song below on the way there.

We love you at Gongs Unlimited. Thanks for being where you are, or are not, really.