12" Subatomic Gong on Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

12" Subatomic Gong on Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This comes with the gong, gong stand, and gong mallet!

Gong Diameter: 12"
Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 16"
Height: 16.5"
Depth: 5"
Center Space: 14x14"

You can hear this 12 inch Subatomic Gong with this video below, but remember, they are just simple recordings and in real life, this gong be so much much more!


Let's talk quarks today. Because they are a subatomic particle that is good to know about. First of all, it has a great name "QUARK!" It's the sound a drunk duck makes, slurring his noises after he nibbled on some rum raisin cake left at the lake.

Now add onto that, they are a FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUENT OF MATTER! That is right! That computer tablet you are using, that pain reliever pill you too, that finger picking your nose... THEY ALL HAVE QUARKS IN THEM!


Now add to those facts, that QUARKS are QUIRKY!
Quarks are the only elementary particles in particle physics to experience all four fundamental interactions. THAT'S RIGHT, the only ones to experience electromagnetism, gravitation, strong interaction, AND weak interaction. Quarks get around. Quarks are more experienced than the non-slutty particles. They are wise to the world.

And just realize that no one was sure they existed until 1968 when they found them at Stanford University. For four years before then, they were just talked about. They were theoretical, a spark in their daddy's eye, until in 1968, they jumped out and yelled, "SURPRISE!"

So when you play this subatomic gong, remember you are moving its quarks around, and they are moving your quarks around too. Everyone's quarks are moving. Sound waves, sound particles!

THE QUARKS in the WOODSONIC GONG STAND are moving too. However, you don't notice them moving. For the Woodsonic Gong Stand is built to not dissolved into energy. It can handle its quarks moving. It can handle its gong moving. It can handle teleportation and telekinesis. It was built from the energy of quasars that erupted billions of years ago. And finally it arrived, via God's Mind onto your desk or table.

Sturdy, composed of Quarks! And having spent billions of years waiting for you to purchase it.