12" Tiger Gong (Opera Style - Pitch Bend Gong)

12" Tiger Gong (Opera Style - Pitch Bend Gong)
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet!

The Chinese Opera tree has roots going clear back to the third century CE.

CE as in China Enlightened or Close Encounters or Centaur Enthusiast.

At any rate, this was when the Chinese started getting dramatic for fun!

Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty decided to make the Chinese Opera more organized and founded Pear Garden for his amusement.

(Yes, this is absolutely where our beloved orange drink of childhood, Tang, originates.)

Though the opera was mostly for the Emperor, the opera was for all and the Disciples of the Pear Garden used gongs, yes, you're catching on now, Opera gongs, to call the people to delight in the play and have a refreshing orange beverage.

Masked and dancing, the disciples banged gongs. Wowng! Wowng! Wowng! The pitch bending called one and all to relax, to enjoy, to clear their minds for something entirely new.

May the 12" Tiger gong do that also for you.

See the opera gong in use 52 seconds in.

A more modern form of today's Little Pear Disciples


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