12" Gongs on the Zildjian Table-Top Gong Stand (P0561)

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Zildjian - it is a name that makes many a drummer happy, as they dream of cymbals being struck by their drumsticks and yielding moments of ecstatic sound and delight to their ears.

In their dreams of stardom, they have spinning discs of Zildjian.

But a lot of people - and drummers - do not know that Zildjian also makes a solid and simple metal gong stand for your table. It is not a stand that holds a gong for a stadium concert, but merely a 12 inch Gong, perfect for a room, an office, a spa, a covert speakeasy.

A rectangular steel gong stand, painted with a solid black paint, this is a stand that conveys strength in its simplicity. It is not the UFA or MMA. It seeks to prove nothing, to win nothing. It is here and carries your gong, and that is that. It need say no more.

Measurements of Zildjian Gong Stand:
Length: 42 cm / 16.75 in
Width: 18 cm / 7 in
Height: 41 cm / 16 in