12" Chau Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

12" Chau Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This comes with the gong, gong stand, and gong mallet!

Gong Diameter: 12"
Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 16"
Height: 16.5"
Depth: 5"
Center Space: 14x14"


Can it get any more classic style than this gong and stand combo? The traditional 12 inch Chau Gong: it is a Chinese Classic Gong. And the Woodsonic Gong Stand that it hangs upon? Simple and clean. it has a few screws. But it comes with a screwdriver for you to build it. And the screwdriver does NOT self-destruct, so you basically get a free screwdriver. AND a great gong stand.

The Woodsonic Gong Stand looks good. It helps your gong stand sound great. And it makes sure that we all understand that trees have a music in them, that likes to work with the sound of bronze. This combination is perfect for the man who looks good in a suit. It is great for the woman who has curves and intelligence.


Dear Gongs Unlimited,

As the foundations grantwriter at a Center for Children’s mental health, foster care, and adoption services, I bought a gong from you a couple of years ago to use to announce the receipt of a philanthropic grant.

The entire third floor of our building knows that the sound of the gong means good news! I also bring it downstairs to specific departments when their programs have received a designated grant.

Even volunteer leadership know the meaning of the gong: last week I gently interrupted an important board committee meeting and sounded the gong to announce a very significant grant. Everyone was delighted – before I even said a word, they saw the gong and became excited in anticipation.

A gentle massage growing into a louder, rounder tone spreads the news throughout the place without startling colleagues. Big grants get the bigger tone!