12" Chau Gong on The Small Eternal Present Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

12" Chau Gong on The Small Eternal Present Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This comes with a gong, gong stand, and gong mallet. ALL THREE TOGETHER FOR THEE!

Gong- 12 inches in diameter
Gong Stand:
19" Tall
19.5" Wide
5" Deep

The 12 inch Chau Gong is a classic Chinese Gong. Like Confucius, like a red booth in a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown, like an Emperor in silk clothes. The 12 inch Chau Gong is CLASSIC!

And we hung this gong on a hardwood attractive stand made in India.

India... Another ancient culture moving into the present. Both China and India have eyes on the past, but eyes to the future too. But stop a second, you two gigantic nations!

The trick is to look at the present. And not to believe the past needs to be repeated, or used as a painful inspiration or a revenge motivation. And not to believe that the future holds your happiness.

Cultures believe they last forever, and they never do. For even in the present, everything is changing. Let it flow. Power is elusive and God-given. And God-removed. And basically a temporal illusion. What's Alexander the Great up to now? What's Catherine the Great doing these days? How's Ivan the Terrible?

Here is a video, below, that has a sound sample of this type of CLASSIC SMALL CHINESE GONG.. the 12 inch Chau.

The Gong is a good meditation tool. It helps you get to the center of the matter, the juicy bits. But don't stare at it too long... or you can see below what starts to happen.