12" Chocolate Drop Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

12" Chocolate Drop Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes, this combo comes gong, gong stand, and a gong mallet!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 20"
Width: 15"
Depth: 10.5"


There is a phrase from yesteryear, an old saw, that comes from a time before boxes of baked sweets filling the shelves of the supermarket, before elves, from a time when happy grandmothers would bake cookies in their big old stoves, cast iron beasts heated up with the wood chopped from grandma's enemies' homes, wood that they had taken in battle on the bridge tables...

...and it was known, this phrase to be: "missing a few cookies from the cookie jar."

For cookies were baked and then when cooled, placed in a jar specifically for them. The Cookie Jar.

It was a suggestion that the person, described by this phrase, to be short a few snickerdoodles, was not the most intelligent, not the most bright.

Now this has permuted to be something like, "a taco short of a combination plate." This change shows not only America's palate altered to readily accept cuisine from South of the Border, but also the fact that it is derived from a restaurant menu, versus grandmother's cast iron stove, heated as it was by the chopped up pieces of Mrs. Dempley's shed.

But this cookie of ours, the 12 inch Chocolate Drop Gong, is exceedingly bright and smart. It is one smart cookie as some would say. A brainiac made of dough.

Bright toned and musical. Spank it lightly and it shimmers in your room to create joy.

Similar to a Chau Gong, but lighter in tone, it is a gong for waking up students, waking up the Dead, and by that we mean the remaining members of the Grateful Dead from their naps, and for waking up wakeboarders, even, when the water is glassy and reading for riding.

Allow the fire within bronze ignite your spirit, fill your emptiness with a 12 inch Chocolate Drop Gong.

Then you will have all the cookies you need in your cookie jar!