12" Chau Gong

12" Chau Gong
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Yes! This item comes with the gong and the mallet!
If you want a gong stand with this gong, please look in the Chinese Gong WITH STANDS section.

The 12 inch Chinese Chau Gong is a classic little number of a gong. It gives that classic gong tone in a small size. Perfect for a classroom, a small healing room, a duck blind, or an office underground in Area 51... this gong cleans out the cobwebs of your mind.

Dear Gongs Unlimited,

As the foundations grantwriter at a Center for Children’s mental health, foster care, and adoption services, I bought a gong from you a couple of years ago to use to announce the receipt of a philanthropic grant.

The entire third floor of our building knows that the sound of the gong means good news! I also bring it downstairs to specific departments when their programs have received a designated grant.

Even volunteer leadership know the meaning of the gong: last week I gently interrupted an important board committee meeting and sounded the gong to announce a very significant grant. Everyone was delighted – before I even said a word, they saw the gong and became excited in anticipation.

A gentle massage growing into a louder, rounder tone spreads the news throughout the place without startling colleagues. Big grants get the bigger tone!

This is a gong that is great to carry on the subways or above-ground train when you want to alert someone that their clothing is stained, or when you want to celebrate the fact that you have not an any crazy people on your car for over 4 stops...

This is a gong that says, I am not afraid to let people know that I like gongs, and if I had a child I would name it Terry, but I would always know that it was short for Teriyaki!



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