12" Pasi Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

12" Pasi Gong on High C Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This combo comes with a gong, a gong stand and a mallet!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 20"
Width: 15"
Depth: 10.5"



Forget Benetton and their United Colors.
Anyone can grab attention with a little controversy.
But colors have no political allegiance.
Or sports team allegiance.
Or religious allegiance.

We just slap on our attitude on to the color.
I mean, some corporations even slap trademarks onto colors.

But really... colors and how our eyes perceive them, and the science of objects absorb like and reflect colors and the dance of all that... well, it makes you want to just throw caution to the wind and forget all this and that about what colors are supposed to mean.

And just experience them through your ears.

Like via a 12 inch Pasi Gong. A lot of color comes from this bronze. A lot of pleasure. If a gong could create synesthesia, it might be this gong.

Enjoy it and see!