SOLD OUT 10" Pasi Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

 SOLD OUT 10" Pasi Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This comes with the gong, gong stand, and gong mallet!


Gong Diameter: 10"
Width: 16"
Height: 16.5"
Depth: 5"
Center Space: 14x14"

The Pasi Gong is also known as the "Ma Xi" Gong in China. Ma Xi means Circus. It has a lot of flavors of tones depending on how you strike it. A lot of colorful music can emanate from this bronze.

Hence, it is a very good gong for performances and... circuses.

While the very nice person, Stephanie, who is holding this 10 inch Pasi is not a performer in a circus, she does work at Gongs Unlimited occasionally, and many folks who come in and see us at work, do consider what we do as a bit of a circus.

There is lots of juggling going on, and sometimes a high-wire act, and when you get us in our colorful van, we can be reminiscent of clowns in a tiny car.


[Spongebob enters the Krusty Krab, finding it a wild mess. A trashcan spits out flames in the corner. Sauces strewn about.]

Spongebob: Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs! Are you here?

[Mr. Krabs pokes his head out from behind an overturned table]

Mr. Krabs: Thank Neptune youíre here, boy! Youíve got to do something!

Spongebob: What happened?

Mr. Krabs: Itís the citizens of Bikini Bottom, Spongebob! Theyíve gone crazy with anger!

Spongebob: Crazy? Why?

Mr. Krabs: I donít know! Just this morning, I offered everyone 1% off a Krabby Patty with the purchase of another Krabby Patty!


[Downtown Bikini Bottom in chaos, with cars turned over and smoke drifting through the air. A random citizen walks into the scene, screaming and holding his head.]

Citizen: Thatís not even a real discount!

[BACK TO: Krusty Krab]

Spongebob: Hold on, Mr. Krabs! I know what to do!

[Spongebob pulls a gong from his back pocket]

Mr. Krabs: This is no time to make a pizza.

Spongbob: This isnít a pizza pan! Itís a 10" Pasi Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand! I need to get to the roof!


[Spongebob standing on the roof of the Krusty Krab with Mr. Krabs next to the gong]

Mr. Krabs: Whatís this going to do, boy?

Spongebob: Itís going to calm everyone down, Mr. Krabs. Watch!

[Spongebob hits the 10" Pasi Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand with the free mallet included with his Gongs-Unlimited order]

[The SOUND of the GONG, bright and cheerful, resonates throughout Bikini Bottom. We see crazed citizens fighting and destroying property hear the gong and stop what theyíre doing.]

Random citizen: Itís Ö itís beautiful!

(BACK TO: Spongebob and Mr. Krabs]

Mr. Krabs: It worked, Spongebob! But let me ask, what is that thing holding the gong?

Spongebob: Itís a Woodsonic Stand, Mr. Krabs! Itís made of real wood, not driftwood, and crafted with care by furniture makers on the land! I bought it online, from my new favorite store, Gongs Unlimited!

Mr. Krabs: On land? Online? What the barnacle are you talking about?

Spongebob: I learned it from Squidward. He buys fancy shoes in bulk that way!

Mr. Krabs: Tell me, boy, how much did this cost you?

Spongebob: Only a few clams! AND YOU'LL LIKE THIS... FREE SHIPPING!

[Mr. Krabsí eyes turn to dollar signs]

Mr. Krabs: Free Ö shipping? Man, those nutty guys at Gongs Unlimited must care about gongs even more than they care about money!