10" Fong Gong (Opera Style - Pitch Bend Gong)

10" Fong Gong (Opera Style - Pitch Bend Gong)
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A lovely Nebraska mother pauses from a celebration to show off a Chinese Opera Gong, 10.5 inches in diameter, called a FONG GONG.

She carries one wherever she goes, for she never knows what situation she may be in where she will need it.

Sometimes you want to be amongst the crowds, feeling the buzz of humanity, out in the thickness of the throngs-

Sometimes you want to be alone in your room, half-drowsing, almost merging with your surroundings, a surreal seal of approval on your dreams-

And sometimes you're on the run, trying to avoid the relentless pursuit of whomever (or whatever) might by on your tail-

Fortunately for every part of you, the 10" Fong gong is appropriate for all of these occasions.
The 10" Fong gong has got you covered.

The 10" Fong Gong is a Chinese Opera gong.
This means it has pitch-bending capabilities that provide for a fluctuation in tone that grows to a higher pitch after being struck.

Let's revisit each of the above situations and see how the 10" Fong gong is just what the doctor ordered.

The small size and light weight of the 10" Fong gong make it extremely portable, which means it could be toted along while you are out strolling on the boulevard at rush hour. Give it a ring as a sort of siren's song to draw strangers into chatting, or toll it repeatedly to announce your position, allowing others to note your path and thus avoid collisions.

The pitch-bent fluctuating tone of the 10" Fong Gong can be used to alter your musings in the solo setting. Opening up paths your unconscious mind may have otherwise passed by. The dulcet yet cleansing tone of the gong also creates an expansive head-space in which your imagination can run wild.

Finally, in the case of trying to stay incognito, the 10" Fong gong can be used as a disguise. Its natural dimensions make it ideal for obscuring the details of your face when you are looking to stay under the radar. In a pinch, it could even be customized with a moustache and glasses.