10" Dark Star Gong

10" Dark Star Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a gong mallet.

She was having none of it. All the bounders and joe palookas in the place had tried to strike up a conversation. But she wasn’t drinking what they were pouring.

At least the band kept up their end of the bargain.

She didn’t know it yet, but I had what she was missing.

Me? The name's Ten Inch Dark Star Gong. My Great Grand-Dad was Chinese somewhere in Asia. That's where I got the name Gong, but really, I was born somewhere in the universe that Einstein took some time off from living to describe. Me, I don't need to take time off, I just live.

And sometimes to keep living life in the round, you’ve got to have secrets tucked away in your corner.

As I sidled up next to the red-hair at the bar, I could already tell from her vibe that she was someone I could talk to.

I asked her what she was drinking.
She answered, “It’s a secret.”

“That sounds delicious,” I smiled. "Make mine a double.”

“Pace yourself, Slugger,” she tossed back. “Let’s save some mystery for the honeymoon.”

“Don’t you worry, darling,” I said as I sipped. “I've got some plot twists even I don't understand.”

Before we knew it, both of us were overcome with the rumbling of our ice cubes and the reflections of the lights.

I told her about being a 10” Dark Star Gong. I told her about the complimentary mallet that I always carried with me.

It wasn't long until she heard my song, my deep and clear note, which is more profound than my small diameter would lead you to think.

I asked to share with me her secrets, but she wouldn't. "I ain't the FBI. I ain't taking you to jail."

She finally relented, after I tickled her a little. Just like the guy below. And we realized our secrets weren't all that scary, at least not to us. A gong, and a lady with a head on her shoulders.