11" Che Sui Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING

11" Che Sui Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand - FREE SHIPPING
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Yes! This item comes with the gong, gong stand, and gong mallet!

Gong Diameter: 11"
Gong Stand Measurements:
Width: 16"
Height: 16.5"
Depth: 5"
Center Space: 14x14"

Being a Nebraska-based business, Gongs Unlimited can tell you all about football player Ndamukong Suh.

Where did he play college ball?
Here, at the University of Nebraska.

How big was he?
Really, like, remarkably big.

Could he have crushed a football between his thighs?
Yes, most likely, but kind of a weird question to ask a gong store employee.

After his tenure with the Nebraska CornHuskers, Suh was scooped up by the NFL, also known as the National Football League, drafted by a team called the Detroit Lions. He’s lived up to all of the scouting reports, making a large impact on the game defensively.

Ndamukong’s also kind of turned out to be an overly aggressive near sociopath on the field.

That’s where GONGS UNLIMITED comes in.

Ndamukong does not own a gong. He has never seen a gong. We can tell by the way he plays. He is no NdamuGONG.

If only N. Suh had gotten himself a 10" Che Sui Gong on the Woodsonic Gong Stand, maybe less of his opposing players would have been punched, kicked and even bit by Suh.

The instant he felt his anger rising, BAM!, he could’ve played his gong. The tone would’ve made his rage subside, and given him a clarity of mind most NFL players have never known. And given their numerous concussions may never know.

At 11 inches, this Che Sui gong would’ve been so easy to carry for Suh. Ndamukong could hold it in one hand, leaving his other available to carry, like, 50 footballs.

Plus, this gong comes with a Woodsonic Gong Stand that juxtaposes beautifully against his large build. It’s handcrafted, and if there’s anything our Ndamukong loves, it’s supporting artisanal businesses that craft things with their hands.

Suh, if you’re reading this, it’s not too late!

You’re going to start with the Dolphins this year, and they’re known for preventing angry, dirty play within their organization. Just ask other former-Huskers, Richie Incognito. (Google him if you don't know who he is...)

Tell you what, N.Suh! If you buy this gong, we’ll even throw in free shipping and a mallet with your 10” Che Sui Heck oh golly! We’ll offer everyone free shipping and a mallet. We care this much about you and you finding your inner peace people.