11" Che Sui Gong

11" Che Sui Gong
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Yes, this gong comes with a mallet.

Sometimes a man just has to stand up and say to the world, "Yes, I am a classic male, a man made for masculine things, a man who knows where his testosterone comes from, a man who has snapped towels at other men in the shower, but in a manly way!

I am a man who drinks his beer from the bottle or can directly, who grows hair around his nipples but doesn't worry about how it looks under a white T shirt. I am a man who can aggressively eat ribs and yet, casually wipe extra sauce on my pants while discussing the nature of what makes a good or bad military intervention, and then smoothly shift the conversation to football in order to make sure the veterans in the room don't get riled up.

I am this man, who is NOT the most interesting man in the world... that is, until I hold a gong, and not just any gong, but this gong, the 10 INCH CHE SUI GONG!!! And then I am more interesting than him."

Because a man like this knows, and will tell you, "This 10 inch Che Sui Gong I hold in my hand is a gong that sounds so amazing it makes me even more of a man.

It makes a man like me, get wizard vision in my eyes and the healing voice of a romantic crooner. When I play this gong while giving blood, my platelets cure the recipients of Ennui, Dilettantism, and Restless Egg Syndrome.

When a man of my caliber plays a gong of this caliber, the combination is more powerful than Jay-Z and Beyonce, it is like the very force of electromagnetism that surrounds us. Now please get my Gong a drink!"

You could be this man.

And don't get us started what it does for a woman who plays this gong.

A woman with this gong? This guy above becomes her back-up singer.

The Che Sui Gong has a beautiful clear tone, a radiant delicate clarity, which then can sparkle and spray and anoint your immediate vicinity with lightness and music. There are few gongs like it, and when you have it in your hand, you will wish the speed of sound was faster so you didn't have to wait so long for your ears to hear its sound.