10" Chocolate Drop Gong

10" Chocolate Drop Gong
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Yes! This Chocolate Drop Gong comes with gong AND a gong mallet.

Are you feeling a drop in energy? A drop in vim and/or vigor? Does it feel like the floor is dropping out from under you?

Well, take heart. There’s hope!

You need a 10 inch Chocolate Drop Gong! The lady pictured above was constantly dropping things - hints, glasses, beats - but could never raise her spirits!

But then she got one of Gongs Unlimited amazing 10 inch Chocolate Drop Gongs - with its bright spanky tone and upbeat attitude... it perked her up and caused her to lose 80 lbs and 50 years! Yes! That is true- before playing the Chocolate Drop, the woman in the photo above was over 200 lbs and was 80 years old!!!

Yes! There’s more than hope for you Gongs Unlimited customer.

There’s the promise that just a gong away that --- come what may- not every drop is a step into oblivion. It’s just another drop in the bucket. And the universe's bucket is big. Gargantuan!

After all, the dubsteppers have that DIVINE MOMENT when their bass drops...

Disney has its' stock prices rising as it recalls its Dumbo Drop-

And here at Gongs Unlimited- we have the Chocolate Drop Gong, inspired by this delicacy!

The 10” Chocolate Drop gong will soothe away aches and pains. It will satisfy those urges, the direction towards depression stirred by daily troubles.

The 10” Chocolate Drop gong will grasp your troubles for you and send them- sonically- back from whence they came.

It will leave you to luxuriate in its delicious aura. Savoring every sweet note that spills into your ear. Is this a pleasure you can deny yourself any longer?

Submit to your desires and get your hands on a 10” Chocolate Drop of your very own. Let it whisper sweet nothings in your ear. We’ll throw in a complimentary mallet so you can communicate with it as God intended- with a little tap on the drop of chocolate.